Hiring in the Times of “The Great Resignation”

Image shows an illustration where a hand holds a puzzle piece over multiple small people standing below
Image shows an illustration of an open notebook book with the title user guide on it. There is a pen placed on top of the book.
Image shows the illustration of a unicorn on a blue background with a keyboard at the bottom.


  • We work with Jennifer Lentfer of How Matters on untangling ourselves from capitalism, colonialism, and white supremacy culture. Pausing once a quarter to do this reflective work is one of the hardest and most rewarding things we have done for our company.
  • NOBL recently wrote about using a “stay” interview to find out what keeps people coming back to work and listening for what is engaging, where support is needed and how they see themselves growing.
  • Want to know more about the model we use to unlock the team’s potential? Check out the Team Management Profile. We love it so much that we are in the process of becoming accredited to administer the tool. We’ll write more about this as our learning unfolds.



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