Design Partnerships

The image shows post-its of different colors (orange, blue, and green) stuck on top of a desk. There is some writing on the post-its. There are other papers and photographs on the desk.

Design partnership in action

Illustration shows a series of text and drawings representing Case Management Staff, Social Workers, Community Health Workers, and Caregivers
  • Engages services a specific problem or challenge even arises (it can prevent many problems by designing them away at the beginning!)
  • Leaves deliverables open-ended (instead describes the kinds of services and issues or program functions to be addressed)
  • Is longer than six months (it usually walks with a project just past the halfway point)
  • Integrates with a project (becomes part of the project team or is readily available technical assistance)



We are strategists, designers and evaluators. We help people see what needs changing and envision a new future

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